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82% of Nurses

Are struggling with their mental health, apparently and yet employers and the college continue to have policies that perpetuate stigma and create barriers for people mental health issues.

Mental health and substance use are the only health conditions that are required to be reported to the college even though I can think of a myriad of health or circumstantial issues that could impact the quality if care a nurse gives.

Further, my mental health or substance use had zero impact on my work as I didn't pick up shifts during my episode as I knew I wasn't in the right frame of mind.

Despite this I am being penalized by being either forced into an archaic surveillance program that has proven to have negative impacts on people's personal and professional life or handing my license in and not being a nurse.

Without going into the details of what this three year surveillance program entails, it's extensive and I don't think I have the stamina to do it, especially because nursing culture is so unappealing, I don't really want to do it just to maintain a toxic job.

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