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I am a Conspiracy Theorist

Updated: Aug 15

Content a bit paranoid.

I have spent the better part of the last three years with crazy people.

I don't know whats real anymore.

My trust is damaged.

The target advertising coming my way in the past months suggests the internet has labeled me a conspiracy theorist. **CLICK here to see if YOU have Royal lineage **

But does anyone else wonder what's REALLY GOING ON?

Anyway...Who cares.

I tried to have this conversation a few times and got some backlash.


I got antibiotics for someone yesterday and she started to cry. She felt bad for the aliens in her wound and didn't want to kill them with the medication.

Though I do think this is sad and fucked up on some levels...I also know that people see fucking aliens and creatures in their wounds and I don't think it's solely a mental illness

Is it a spiritual hell? Is the government ?

planting this shit in people? Is it a gift that certain people have that our colonial, capitalist machine beats out/ distorts on people?

Narcissistic abuse, limbic system, cerebral cortex, amygdala

In some places I think psychosis is considered a gift:

There is a book of essays called "Trauma Magic"- It explores "symptoms" of trauma (disassociation, flashbacks, Nervous system activation as being areas of study for magical powers.

I don't really think there is one big bad guy....sometimes I do.

BUTI do somewhat enjoy the idea of the Annunnaki (Are Scientologists the ones who believe this?) (Again, not enough to really know about it. But it's some trashy conspiracy that humans are a half-breed alien monkey that was bred by highly intelligent aliens to "extract resource"...They left earth a long time ago for bigger and better things but we humans were left here with the unfortunate ability to procreate and a confused impulse to "keep extracting for our leader."]

I feel more hopeful however about decolonial ideas about humanity being good and capable of harmonious interconnected activity though so...I'll put my energy that way.

I think theBlue Avians might be a 'conspiracy' that works with decolonial ideas. I know someone who might see one.

Did China release the virus to stop the anti-government protests that were happening at the time?...Or to leave the world in a lurch and have the opportunity to become our sole supplier? Or is the government using this opportunity to see how much control they have over us, simply by using fear?

Are these conversations people committed to social justice want to have?

Or do I have to take these thoughts to some subreddit of delusional, oil guzzling, Trumpesque, dust mites...?

my dad did this drawing in university

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